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Fauna Spotter Catcher Update

Author: Craig Adams
Date: Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Another successful SSSAFE Fauna Spotter Catcher training course was conducted in May.  This nationally accredited training program is unique.  Of course, we focus on animal handling and husbandry techniques but the real thrust of the training is Risk Management! Fauna Spotter Catchers play a critical role in the mining and construction environment, where clear-headed sound judgment is essential.  The stakes can be very high and safety is paramount!  Catching wild animals can be dangerous and once fear and adrenalin kick-in things can easily spiral out of control.  The FSC must learn to remain calm and in control of any wildlife emergencies but also consciously aware of the inherent dangers of the work site.  A high level of situational awareness is essential and this is why good FSC's are also good Risk Managers.  Exposure to a range of animals in the Zoo environment provides an absolutely unique training context to prepare the trainee for this challenging and rewarding occupation.

Keep your head tucked in tight. The emus feet are weapons! 

Goannas pose a serious threat to the inexperienced FSC.

Trainee demonstrating the correct technique.

The correct way to grasp a sugar glider.

Participant safety is taken very seriously.

Kitted out and good to go!

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