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Fauna Spotter Catchers

Spotter catching in the high stakes mining and construction industries is a highly specialised field.

Spotter Catching requires:

  • Exemplary fauna management skills, particularly venomous snakes
  • The highest safety standards
  • Impeccable judgement and sound decision making
  • Timely, accurate reporting.

The FSC industry will not tolerate inexperienced operators.

SSSAFE's Fauna Spotter Catchers have received the highest levels of training available. 

The Coal Mining and Safety Act and the Queensland Mining and Quarries Act, recommend training be provided by an RTO accredited company wherever possible. 

Our staff have successfully completed a Fauna Spotter Catcher Training Program and awarded National Accreditation for units of competency in animal management and welfare.

Respond to Wildlife Emergencies (including relocation)

Created by SSSAFE and Kleinfelder, our intensive FSC training program is the ONLY one of its kind - offering a suite of verifiable skills and competencies to prepare the FSC for work. 

SSSAFE currently holds all relevant permits, licenses and insurances. Our partnership with international consultancy, Kleinfelder, has led to the provision of highly trained Fauna Spotter Catchers to service major CSG developments in SEQ for the Queensland Gas and Coal corporation (QGC) and others.

Spotter Catcher Training Courses 

Ecologists, Spotter Catchers and students looking to upgrade their skills for a competitive edge, ask about our two and a half day, hands-on, Fauna Spotter Catcher Training Program.  We understand that a "safe pair of hands" and a "safety mindset" is vital to success in the Spotter Catcher industry.  

Training is undertaken in conjunction with select zoos and fauna parks to ensure participants have access to live animals, as well as engaging in real life scenarios guided by experienced professionals with emphasis placed on: 

  • Improving manual handling skills and general husbandry knowledge for a range native fauna, typically encountered by working ecologists.
  • Developing analytical, technical, identification and observational skills for better decision making, judgement and a safer workplace.
  • Preparing to meet stringent safety demands and performance criteria for Spotter Catcher Work in the mining and construction industries.
  • Promoting awareness of specific risk factors and situations that occur in the day to day dealings with displaced, and often stressed animals in the Spotter Catcher role.
  • Highlighting the importance of good communication and the kind of teamwork required to do the job properly and safely when working alongside heavy machinery in a high intensity environment. 
For training costs and information contact us.

If reliability, outstanding fauna expertise, assured safety standards and accountability is a requirement of your business, you need look no further than SSSAFE.