Snake Toolbox Session

Snake & Spider Safety Awareness Seminars and Toolbox Talks

SSSAFE’s Snake and Spider Safety Awareness Seminars are an Occupational Health and Safety program designed to provide onsite training directly to employees and employers on what to do if a snake siting or snake bite occurs. The seminars provide practical and easily understood information on the specific safety concerns relating to Australia’s venomous snakes and spiders. All our seminars are tailored to suit individual industry requirements.

We also offer a toolbox talk as a streamlined version of our seminars for situations where time constraints and group size may be a factor.

Seminar and Toolbox Talk Overview

A snakebite is a medical emergency requiring an immediate response!  This initial response is vital and can be the difference between life and death.  

The SSSAFE seminars and toolbox talks can be presented at the venue of your choice and provide expert knowledge on all aspects of snake and spider safety in an accessible presentation style. All attendees will complete the toolbox talk confident that they can react calmly and correctly if ever they find themselves in a life-threatening situation. 

Safety Toolbox Session

SSSAFE Director and course facilitator, Craig Adams, former Operations Manager of the Australian Reptile Park and their life-saving Venom Program, has over 20 years professional experience working and teaching venomous snake handling and husbandry skills.

Snake Safety Seminars