Snake Relocation COurses

A Snake Catcher is a person licensed to perform the catch and release of snakes. They often work with distressed, defensive, venomous, and injured snakes in potentially life-threatening situations. Competent, experienced snake catchers manage and reduce the risks to themselves, the public and the wellbeing of the animal.

SSSAFE offers a Nationally Accredited Program (AHCFAU301A: Respond to Wildlife Emergencies) designed to prepare you to perform safely and competently in the Snake Catcher role. The skills and knowledge of our instructor, Craig Adams, will assist you no matter what your level of experience.

Successful trainees will be accredited for units of competency pertaining to the Response to Wildlife Emergencies (AHCFAU301 – Respond to wildlife emergencies) which allows for capture and relocation of snakes. All applicants who are deemed competent at the completion of the course will be issued with a National Accreditation in accordance with the Australian Quality Training Framework. The RTO assessing competency and issuing the certificate is Walan Miya, RTO Id 21359.

Snake Relocation Courses

The two-day snake relocation course is suitable for individuals and organisations that may benefit from training, including:

  • Local government, council rangers, sports and recreation officers, and maintenance staff
  • Industry personnel in mines, rail, road and LNG
  • Field ecologists and researchers
  • Fire, rescue and emergency services
  • Law enforcement, national parks, and customs officials involved in snake seizures

Note that catch and release courses are only available to individuals and professional groups where there is a legitimate requirement for the safe capture and relocation of snakes.

A specialised advanced snake handling and husbandry course for zoo professionals and licensed snake keepers is also available. Contact SSSAFE for further details.