Craig Adams



Snake Safety Expert / Course Facilitator / Project Development

  • Leading industry advisor on snake safety
  • Venomous snake expert and former Operations Manager for the Australian Reptile Park
  • Managed the Park’s life-saving snake and spider venom program*
  • Facilitated the Occupational Health and Safety portfolio, with an emphasis on emergency procedures.

Craig established SSSAFE in 2009, following 15 years at The Australian Reptile Park managing  the life-saving Venom Program, facilitating the park’s Occupational Health and Safety Portfolio and curating a large collection of native and exotic fauna.  Craig has worked in many Australian habitats, including some of our most remote regions to locate, collect, research and film endemic species.  Along with his wife Jackie, Craig has trekked into isolated wilderness regions to search for venomous snakes and spiders for inclusion in the Reptile Park’s venom collection program for scientific purposes and for the collection of new data on endangered species. 

Craig has also featured in numerous National Geographic and Discovery Channel programs on the world’s most venomous creatures. He worked alongside Steve Irwin as a consultant on his film “Oceans’ Deadliest” and continues to work periodically with Steve’s best friend John Stainton in an advisory and “to camera” role. Together with Jackie, he has also starred in numerous other television, print media and documentary films and is acknowledged by his peers as the “go to” person in this field. 

Having developed the Australian Reptile Park’s Snake Awareness Program and delivered it to a wide audience, Craig could see the need for the Snake Safety Seminars to become more focussed and specialised to enable industry to deal with their many ‘on the job’ safety concerns.  Through Craig’s creative communication and leadership skills, safety awareness and wildlife expertise, SSSAFE has developed its unique range of professional training programs and environmental services. 

Whatever your environmental or fauna related needs, be assured that a SSSAFE professional can help you meet them.