SMART Pressure Bandage with clever Pictograms

Correct Application of the SMART Pressure Bandage


Application of the SMART Snake Bite Pressure Bandage and SURVIVAL Splint


In the event of a snake or spider bite, it is important to correctly apply a SMART Snake Bite Pressure Bandage and seek medical attention as soon as possible. The goal of applying the bandage is to trap any venom, in the lymphatic system, at the point of the bite.


Here's how:


  1. Keep the affected limb immobilized. If possible, avoid moving the limb at all, in order to prevent venom from spreading. Ensure the snake is not still in the vicinity and posing a threat of further bites.

 Snake Bite Bandage Icon

  1. Apply the SMART Pressure Bandage firmly, by stretching the printed rectangles into squares, starting at the toes or fingers and working your way up the limb. The bandage should not be tight around the hands or feet. Increase the pressure from the wrist/ankle up the length of the limb. We DON’T want to cut off blood circulation entirely.


  1. Once you reached the top of the limb, tuck any remaining bandage into itself and apply a SURVIVAL splint to immobilize the affected area. The splint is long enough to cover the entire limb, and firm enough to prevent any movement.


  1. Dial 000. Seek medical attention as soon as possible. Remember, professional medical treatment is necessary to fully treat a snake bite. Bring the emergency services to the victim. Do not try to move the bite victim. Keep them as still and calm as possible.


  1. Elderly people, children and some people with disabilities can have lower muscle mass. Apply less pressure for these folk to avoid causing more damage.


Remember, snake bites can be dangerous and potentially life-threatening. Always take appropriate precautions, including Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), long heavy clothing and sturdy boots, when working or spending time in areas where snakes may be present, and seek medical attention immediately if you suspect a snake bite.