• Snake and Spider Seminars

Snake and Spider Seminars

Craig Adams

SSSAFE director and course facilitator, Craig Adams, former Operations Manager of the Australian Reptile Park and their life-saving Venom Program, has over 20 years professional experience working and teaching venomous snake handling and husbandry skills.


 Snake & Spider Seminar Brochure

Enhance workplace safety and equip your team with the essential skills to effectively handle snake sightings and snake bites with SSSAFE’s Snake and Spider Safety Awareness Seminars. Our comprehensive Occupational Health and Safety programs are designed to provide onsite training directly to employees and employers, ensuring optimal learning and practical application. With a primary focus on Australia’s venomous snakes and spiders, we deliver easily understood and actionable information addressing specific safety concerns. Tailored to meet the unique requirements of different industries, our seminars are the ideal choice for organisations prioritising employee well-being and compliance with occupational health and safety regulations.

Streamlined Snake and Spider Safety Training (1hr approx.): Toolbox Talks

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In scenarios where time constraints and group size pose challenges, SSSAFE offers a convenient solution: Toolbox Talks. These concise sessions cover the essential topics of snake and spider safety, delivering critical information efficiently. Our streamlined approach ensures that participants receive comprehensive training while minimising disruption to daily operations. With engaging and interactive content, Toolbox Talks provide practical solutions that can be implemented immediately, guaranteeing a safer workplace environment.

Why Choose SSSAFE for Snake and Spider Safety Training?

Ensure the safety and security of your workforce by selecting SSSAFE for expert snake and spider safety training. Discover the compelling reasons numerous businesses across Australia entrust us with their training needs:

  1. Expertise: Benefit from our team’s extensive knowledge and decades of experience in handling Australia’s venomous snakes and spiders. Our experts remain up-to-date with the latest research and best practices, ensuring the delivery of accurate and reliable information.
  2. Tailored Programs: Recognisng the unique safety concerns inherent in various industries, our seminars and Toolbox Talks are customised to address specific risks and challenges your workforce may encounter. We provide industry-specific guidance to enhance the relevance and effectiveness of the training.
  3. Engaging Delivery: We believe that engaging training produces optimal results. Our trainers employ interactive teaching methods, incorporate multimedia resources, and share real-life examples to foster participant involvement and enhance knowledge retention.
  4. Compliance Assurance: Demonstrate your commitment to meeting occupational health and safety regulations with SSSAFE’s comprehensive training programs. Our courses are meticulously designed to assist your organisation in complying with relevant standards and guidelines.
  5. Employee Well-being: Safeguarding your employees’ well-being is our priority. By investing in their safety, you create a positive work environment, improve morale, and foster a culture of care and support within your organisation.

Choose SSSAFE today for expert snake and spider safety training that prioritises the well-being of your workforce and ensures compliance with occupational health and safety regulations.

Seminar and Toolbox Talk Overview Awareness Seminar

Snakebite emergencies require immediate and knowledgeable responses that can make a life-saving difference. At SSSAFE, we specialise in offering seminars and toolbox talks focused on equipping individuals with essential skills and knowledge to effectively handle snakebites. Our expert presentations are designed to be easily accessible and can be conducted at a location of your choice.

Our comprehensive seminars and toolbox talks are tailored to empower attendees with the expertise needed to calmly and correctly react when faced with life-threatening snakebite situations. By participating in our sessions, individuals gain confidence and preparedness, ensuring they have the necessary skills to respond appropriately during snakebite emergencies. 

At SSSAFE, we prioritise snake and spider safety, and our expert presentations reflect this commitment. Our seminars deliver life-saving knowledge, covering all aspects of snake and spider safety in a format that is both informative and engaging. We understand that every second counts during a snakebite emergency, and our goal is to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills that can potentially save lives.

Calm – Effective – In Control

When you choose SSSAFE for your snake and spider safety training needs, you can trust that you are receiving expert presentations that prioritise the well-being of employees and individuals. Our sessions are conducted by experienced professionals who are passionate about sharing their expertise and ensuring participants have the necessary tools to respond effectively in critical situations.

By investing in SSSAFE’s expert presentations, you are investing in the safety and preparedness of your team and your community. Our seminars and toolbox talks provide valuable insights, practical tips, and vital information on snake and spider safety, enabling individuals to act swiftly and appropriately during snakebite emergencies.

Interested in Snake Safety Awareness 

Choose SSSAFE as your trusted partner in snake and spider safety education. Together, let’s empower individuals with life-saving knowledge, ensuring they are well-equipped to respond effectively in the face of a snakebite emergency. Contact us today to schedule a seminar or toolbox talk that can make a difference when it matters most.

Round Table Talk


I wanted to thank you for the excellent snake awareness
session yesterday – simultaneously entertaining and educational. The
demonstration and understanding of different snake behaviours was very

Dr Scott Martin FAIP GAICD (CSIRO)

I wanted to thank you for the excellent snake awareness
session yesterday – simultaneously entertaining and educational. The
demonstration and understanding of different snake behaviours was very

Dr Scott Martin FAIP GAICD (CSIRO)