Snake Relocation – An Organisational Commitment



Snake Relocation Training – An Organisational Commitment

Snake Relocation demands a high level of specialisation, necessitating expertise in handling distressed, defensive, venomous, and injured snakes, often in scenarios where lives hang in the balance.

Proficient and seasoned Snake Relocation organisations serve as the protectors of both public and employee, safety and the well-being of snakes. Through our comprehensive training program, your group can equip itself with the essential skills to effectively manage and mitigate risks to your staff, the public, and the snakes they handle.

Whether you are an organisation looking to enhance your team’s capabilities or are required by your organisation to secure accredited certification, the SSSAFE Snake Relocation program stands as your premier choice. Our nationally recognised training is meticulously crafted to provide your team with the necessary skills and knowledge. Under the expert guidance of our instructor, Craig Adams, your group will receive unwavering support and thorough training, tailored to your team’s current level of expertise.

Snake Relocation necessitates the utmost competence and responsibility. It represents an organisational commitment to safeguarding both human lives and the welfare of snakes.