It's for everyone. Learn to protect Australian fauna, in a supportive encouraging environment. Created by SSSAFE, our intensive Fauna Spotter Catcher training program
is the ONLY one of its kind – offering a nationally recognised accreditation on



We tick the boxes for you. 

  • Ecological Constraints Assessments

Understanding the ecological constraints of your project is crucial. We do that for you. Our skilled ecologists conduct thorough assessments to identify potential challenges and provide tailored solutions.

  • Pre-clearing and Clearing Surveys and Reporting

Maintain compliant with regulations while ensuring responsible land management. Our surveys and detailed reports help you navigate pre-clearing and clearing activities.

  • Targeted Threatened Species Surveys

Count on our specialised surveys to identify threatened species in your project area.

  • Threatened Species Management Plans

Developing effective management plans is our speciality. We create strategies to conserve and protect threatened species for the long term and prepare detailed reports for a variety of projects, suitable for submission to government agencies.

  • Post-approval Fauna Surveys, Monitoring, and Reporting

Our commitment doesn't end with approvals. We continue to monitor and report on fauna, ensuring sustained environmental compliance.

  • Habitat Assessments

Understanding habitat is key to successful project planning. Our assessments offer valuable insights into the ecosystem's attributes and help implement appropriate survey, retention, and mitigation measures.

  • Biodiversity Management Plans

Promote biodiversity while achieving project goals. Our tailored management plans strike the perfect balance between development and environmental preservation.

  • Fauna Spotter Catcher Services

Mitigate risks to compliance during construction or development with our expert fauna spotter catcher services, minimising disruptions to local fauna or work progress.

  • Remote Fieldwork for Scientific Research

Navigate the unexplored with our remote fieldwork services, facilitating scientific research and data collection in hard-to-reach locations.

  • Nest Box Installation, Monitoring, and Management Plans

Encourage nesting and breeding with our expertly designed nest box installation and management plans.

  • Fauna Management and Handling

Ensure the humane and safe handling of fauna during your project's lifecycle with our experienced team of fauna experts.

We do the work so you can remain compliant.

When it comes to your project's ecological requirements, SSSAFE is your dedicated partner. Let us help you navigate the complexities of biodiversity preservation while achieving your project goals.